SHIYA-NO-HOSHI, Areia Blue's first single, (download) with karaoke a(

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Areia Blue's first single CD, ""Shiya-no-hoshi,"" was on sale on Tuesday, February 2, 2016!
It was early December 2015 when Areia Blue with Vivi & Shin was launched as a new duo of AREIA MUSIC's duo project, Dual Voice.
Only a couple of months since then, on Tuesday, February 2, Areia is happy to deliver their first single CD.
The title is ""子夜の星(Shiya-no-hoshi).""
This term, Shiya, must be strange to most of you, which actually refers to midnight.
The CD's cover art shows the night view you must have seen sometime somewhere in the past while you were driving with someone sharing the moment between today and tomorrow...
The song brings that sweet, forgotten moment right back to you.
To listen (demo): URL